Sony Creative Software has recently purchased some of Velvetmatter's underlying video FX technology. At this time, Velvetmatter has chosen to discontinue sales of the Radiance suite of software plug-ins for Sony Vegas Pro.

Radiance gives you complete control over a variety of sophisticated lighting effects.


masked, 3 streaks 3 streaks, gradient vertical streak, subtle gradient 3 streaks, applied to particles glint video

Create colored highlights and adjust the number of streaks and their angles. Use the built-in masking feature to precisely limit the area of effect and create the illusion of light movement.


top down, subtle gradient, alpha key right to left, sparse sampling, luma key masked effect, additive masked source, additive rays video

Simulate the effect of light streaming in from behind your source. Control the position, intensity and color, and use the moving mask feature to create special effects.


original moderate defocus, hexagon extreme defocus, hexagon moderate defocus, circle, negative disc curvature defocus video

Change the focus of your shot. Manipulate the shape and profile of the iris and adjust the size, intensity, and sensitivity of the bloom.


original 4 points, medium radius 4 points, large radius, slightly rotated starburst video

Simulate the effect of a star filter on your video or stills. Modify the size and brilliance of the star effect, its orientation, and the number of streaks.

Fill Light

original moderate correction, slight hue adjustment original moderate correction, slight diffusion and hue adjustment

If your video suffers from poor lighting and unwanted dark shadows, use Fill Light to intelligently lighten dark regions without over-correcting bright areas.